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Over 90 years of proud history

MUROMOTO TEKKO is a specialized manufacturer of work tools and the pneumatic tools, with a history of 90 years.
We are offering the product that answers customer's needs by making good use of an
efficient mechanical equipment and the inspection machine.
In addition, we also obtained ISO9001 in the work tool sector, the motto of
"honest and caring heart" and supports your business with high quality products,
reasonable price and short delivery time.

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Technical capabilities and achievements

Our “Merry” brand has a history of 90 years and “NILE” brand has a history of 50 years.
We have been producing various work tools and air tools until now.
Even a piece of any type of specialized blade can be designed and manufactured to meet your particular application,
so we received a favorable reception from many customers so far.
We will continue to provide high-value-added products aim to further technological upgrading high-precision, high-quality,
of workers in the future.

Jan 1927

We begin the production of Merry mark pliers in Osaka Joto-ku, Minami-cho, Nakahama.

Sep 1937

The factory moved to Osaka Higashinari ku Higashiimazato town.

July 1951

Reorganized Co., Ltd..

Feb 1952

It is JIS display permission factory.

Nov 1966

The main plant moved to Osaka Neyagawa Ishizuminami town.

Apr 1967

We start the production of the Nile mark pneumatic tools.

July 1969

Tokyo office opened.

Mar 1989

The headquarters plant relocation in Hirakata, Osaka Shodaitajika.

Sept 1990

Nagoya office opened.

Jan 1997

70th anniversary.

July 2001

ISO9001 certification. (Such as nippers and pliers) JQA-QM6779: Certificate No.

Jan 2006

New and established the management philosophy.

May 2006

Open homepage.

Jan 2007

80 anniversary of its founding.

Jan 2007

Muromoto online shop site open.

July 2008

New JIS certification. (Such as nippers and pliers) JQ0508066: Certificate No.

Apr 2012

Homepage reopened.

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Company Profile

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Head Office

1-2-3, Takanomichi, Hirakata-shi, Osaka, 573-1131, Japan
Tel. +81-72-850-0091 / Fax. +81-72-850-0082

Tokyo Office

3-9-5-102, Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0016, Japan
Tel. +81-3-6450-0073 / Fax. +81-3-6450-0079

Nagoya Office

5-99-6, Nihonseimei-Sakurayama Bld.6F, Sakurayamacho,
Showa-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 466-0044, Japan
Tel. +81-52-858-1755 / Fax. +81-52-858-1756

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1. Corporate principles

We aim for the only one enterprise of 'Quality',
'Needs', and 'Service' in the world tool making.

2. Business ethics

・Bend our ears to customers requirements.
・Create a useful product for the region and the society.
・Lend power to the employees' growth.
・Strive to ensure reasonable benefit.

3. Managerial policy

In order to obtain the trust and satisfaction of our customers,
we must continue to create the best products.