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usage example for cable strippers

Blades for cable strippers

Only the CST35 has standard spare blade set

Half automation of the electric cable stripping.
It is a product that can work efficiently with less investment. Anyone can easily work and can shorten a working hour.

[Recommended type of industry]
■Harness line processing, suchas an automobile
■Electric cable processing of vehicle charging station
■Terminal processing of electric cable for houses
■Terminal processing of the household electrical appliance
■Electric cable processing of Solar-related

Part number / Price

CST35 (For thin cable)
CST100 (The most standard type)
CST110 (Improvement of type CST100)
CST120 (Large type)



It’s suitable for the high-speed stripping of the thin cable.

Stripping capacity : up to φ5mm outer dia.

Stripping length : 35mm

Weight : 7.4kg

Length : 270mm

Air Pressure : 0.5~0.6MPa


[Only the CST35 has standard spare blade set]

RW1.25-2.0 (for 1.25sq , 2.0sq)

RW3.5-5.5 (for 3.5sq , 5.5sq)

S0 (for S zero)



It can perform the complex stripping.

Stripping capacity : up to φ15mm outer dia.

Stripping length : 100mm

Weight : 13.5kg

Length : 420mm

Air Pressure : 0.5~0.6MPa



Safety cover is attached. It can smoothen the discharge of waste.

Stripping capacity : up to φ15mm outer dia.

Stripping length : 100mm

Weight : 21kg

Length : 470mm

Air Pressure : 0.5~0.6MPa



It is suitable for stripping of large diameter cable.

Stripping capacity : up to φ30mm outer dia.

Stripping length : 100mm

Weight : 43kg

Length : 490mm

Air Pressure : 0.5~0.6MPa


[Optional blade]

R-type : standard blade

D-type : for oval-shape cables

S-type : for cables of small diameter

V-type : for cables of with core wire of small diameter


[Order procedure]

Please send us a drawing or processing sample, a cable that stripping.

We select the model and submit the estimate of the spare blade.

Please order it after estimate confirmation.


※Blades are made to order basically. At the time of order, a sample cable (approximately 1m) is necessary by all means.


Please see the PDF catalog for details.

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